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    Delicious. Best part of Malvern Blooms annually.
    Kelly S.
    Just wanted to say thanks, your Kettle Korn was a big hit at our event! Arrived fresh and right on time,
    thanks again.
    I'm sorry that I am just now getting back to you. The last few days have been crazy! I can not thank you all
    enough for making the trip down here and making sure we received our order. The kettle corn was a huge
    hit! I wish I ordered more so I could of tried some as well! :) It really does mean a lot to me. You run an
    awesome business and I had quite a few vendors drop out on me and so the way you handled the post
    office's mistake REALLY helped me remember that they're still great people in this world! Once my
    husband and I come back from our honeymoon, I plan to write you all an honest review of our amazing you
    all are!
    Sierra A.
    It was definitely worth waiting in the long line as you made the korn "to order" - and it stayed warm through
    the whole fireworks show, and kept us all happy as we waited in traffic to leave! Thank you for your hard
    Mitzi J. Alexandria, VA
    Just bought some kettle corn at the Sports Expo in Souderton.  It is the best Kettle corn I have every
    had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you have a store!!!!!  
    Judy P., Souderton, PA
    The kettle corn was a huge hit at the wedding last week. Everyone enjoyed it. We had a wonderful day
    despite the 40 degree, windy conditions. Thank’s again.
    Bought your kettle corn today at the Media Farmers Market - love it!!
    Lauren A., Media, PA
    Saw you at VB Boardwalk Art Show.  My sister thought I was crazy to buy your large bag and also a small
    one to eat while browsing the show.  But not one bite was wasted!  I had to contact the show coordinators
    to find you again.  My son is getting ready to drive from VA to AZ and I thought this would be the perfect
    snack to take along.  And of course I had to order for myself too.  Thank you for a wonderful delicious
    Angela S., Hampton, VA
    On behalf of my husband and his fellow soldiers, I want to thank you for your genorosity.  He received the
    popcorn and he is so grateful.  
    He was able to share some with the guys and let's just say, you are going to have more customers when
    they return home :0) They loved it.
    Your popcorn is very tasty and couldn't have arrived at a better time.  I am not sure if you heard about the
    3 PA Guardsman who lost their lives on July 18th.  They were in is unit, he served side by side with them
    and your popcorn came and cheered them up.
    Again, we thank you and ask that you keep the unit and their families in your prayers.
    Melissa W.
    I can honestly say I have hated Kettle Corn my whole life until today. All the kettle corn I've ever tried has
    either been too sweet or too sticky or too hard. I love how you make yours sweet and salty, not sticky and
    definitely not hard. We will definitely be ordering some soon. Keep doing what you do, you do it just perfect!
    Thank you,
    Kylie R., West Chester, PA
    J&J Kettle Korn is out of this world!! Everyone loves it!! My father in law has been eating it  everyday , lucky
    I bought him his own tin!   Anyway just wanted to let you know  we are new fans and will be ordering again!!
    Lisa P., Center Valley, PA
    My daughter and I have had kettle corn in the past and didn't care for it.  My sister gave us a Phillies World
    Series gift gift tin with your kettle corn for Christmas and we could not believe how good it was.  It did not
    take us long to finish off the whole tin.  We now know that not all kettle corn is the same.  
    Marcie K., Hatfield, PA
    This is the best kettle corn I have ever had.  Our bags arrived quickly and were very fresh.  Thank you.
    Sarah S., Levittown, PA
    By the way, your popcorn was awesome!!
    Nicole B., Wallingford, CT
    Hi there!  YUMMY kettle corn!  Wow!  It is almost totally gone - just a few handfuls left!  
    Jen O., Telford, PA
    Your kettle corn is as addicting as crack.
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